COPRISCOPRI®, a solid warranty of experience

Patents and COPRISCOPRI® original ideas are more than sixty years the vanguard in the field of fixed and mobile covers, for industry and for sports. The architectural lines of COPRISCOPRI® shell, simple and classic at the same time, blend in with elegance in both the countryside and in urban or industrial, guaranteeing functionality, robustness and durability.

Established in the early 60s by the intuition of a young Venetian entrepreneur, COPRISCOPRI® has progressively become the reference point for all the productive sectors of operation: roofs for industrial vehicles, protective tunnel, covers for the industry, roofing for sports, coverings for sports facilities, storage and agriculture.

After the first phase COPRISCOPRI® craft has acquired, since the 70s, an industrial dimension starting successfully compared with all major European markets.

Today, numerous patents and COPRISCOPRI® original ideas constitute the technological forefront of the market and are the result of a constant research aimed to improve and refine the product range to guarantee its customers reliability, functionality and competitive prices.

COPRISCOPRI® is in possession of recognition of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, is SOA certified for lacategoria OS33 and carries out its activities through an organization that benefits the image and the experience already consolidated over the years.

Over the years COPRISCOPRI® has realized thousands of sports facilities in Italy and abroad, some of which are illustrated in the references sector.

The quality of COPRISCOPRI® products is the result of:

  • always careful design to real customer needs
  • choosing the most qualified materials
  • maximum functionality of shells, even the smallest detail
  • complete range for every specific need
  • after careful and timely sales service

    Sun, rain, snow, wind... no problem!

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